Friday, June 24, 2011

First One.


I've written this first blog post from scratch at least twenty times. I've written my life history, I've written about alcoholism, I've written about fat and my love for bacon. I've written about werewolves and I've spent more time than I care to admit googling "Hulk vs. Superman." It's all been discarded for different reasons. This one might be as well, but probably not. I'm tired of putting so much pressure on myself to make this first post brilliant. It's just a fucking blog, after all. I just want to get the first one down so I can actually start writing this thing.

I'm back in Leadwood, MO. I'm not going to explain the town to you just yet, there will be plenty of time for it. I'm broke. Jobless. Extremely good looking. I fit right in here. I'm also about to have my first book in over ten years published. It's a book of poetry called "Like a Fish" that I've been working on for a long time. Close to ten years. They're drinking poems. Not the romanticized Bukowski types either. That's it. These are the last drinking poems for awhile. First, I don't drink much anymore. Secondly, I think I've said just about everything I need to say on the subject in "Like a Fish." More information on this soon. Trust me, I'll be plugging the hell out of it.

So I've already started my next book, and let's hope it doesn't take ten years. It's called, like this blog, "Leadwood." It's ambitious. We'll see how that goes.

So that's it. Most of these entries will be stories, poems, funny stuff about the town, videos, whatever strikes me. This is just the boring introduction. A tiny peak at my hometown before we start pulling the curtain back. Follow if it sounds interesting to you.

Here are some links:

Something Crazy

And hell, here's a draft of a poem I found

Found Poem

(Found on Remarks

I Was Making on a Student Paper

That I Later Had to Scratch Out)

There's some
good stuff

Maybe there's
good stuff

In fact
I'm sure
of it

You love music
I got that much

I'm also sorry
to hear about
your brother

My brother died
in a car accident
as well

I was 13
I'm still 13

Maybe you are too
and you love music
that much is clear

Whether the old stuff
is better
as you claim
I still haven't a clue

Next time


  1. Good stuff. It paints a picture, with a strong voice.
    Keep writing,
    Kurt Taylor